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Someone has rightly said “Abstract art is not the creation of another reality but the true vision of reality.”

And as mentioned by you...When abstract art becomes the mirror of the soul... It is indeed very true because art is the true self of our soul. It portrays the inner beauty of one’s soul, it depicts one’s feelings, emotions and expressions.

Life itself is an art, live it in and with colours. Somewhere over the rainbow, it would be colours painting the sky with its colours to give us some bright hopes.

The colours of your painting are like rays of hope, light, beauty, passion, love and everything beautiful of life. The beautiful painting of yours, portrays the inner and outer beauty of yourself. I wish you all the success in life and your work. May you and your work shine as brightly and beautifully as the bright colours of your painting. I pray to god that your life is filled with lots of happiness as you fill others life with happiness through your art. ALL THE BEST...

Harbaksh Mander

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